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Help yourself with our toolbox for your focus area in coaching.

Coaching tools keep you tuned between coaching sessions and after your journey!

Get creative, make bold try-outs, deepen your everyday exploration

Our coaching tools are designed to be used during coaching sessions, if that is what we decide together, and between your coaching sessions. Tools are designed to support your special topics or they can also be general and just fun way to open your mind for new perspectives and try-outs. Many of them are lean, simple One-Pagers, some of them are longer and including several pages worksheets. Good amount of our tools are also in video, audio and co-operative, facilitation format. Get curios: read, listen, watch, think, draw, discuss, dance or sing!

You will find links here to your Coaching Package tools. Pleas ask directly if something is missing or you would need any tips!

Most important thing in coaching process is the opening of your own thinking, sensing and feeling. Tools can support your own work, the way you choose.

Materials and Tools

We provide Coaching Support by tailored tools of your program. Please ask your link:


Tips for homework and try-outs

Use your time with a new focus

Our coaching tools, worksheets and try-outs don’t mostly need much extra time in your calendar if all. They are designed simply help you to focus on a new thing, one thing at a time. Focusing here means for example better listening, saying yes instead of now, saying no instead of yes, looking something through a new perspective, using different words in instead of usual ones, having breathing moment while doing something else or waiting, reflecting your thoughts in the end of the day and crystallize it to one word, and so on.

Some of the tools will require more minutes or days to evolve. You will know when you are ready for more, and you get to choose your own phase.

Feelings about our tools

Our coaching toolbox has find it’s many forms and ways from our own creative design agency work and art school perspective to consulting, business, quality and sales development, from philosophical and pedagogical research to communication training and Body Balance&Pilates and Focusing training. We also have great tools from Co-Active Coaching toolbox and PQ Coaching. We are ready rock with you!

I haven't been writing diary since school. I found these coaching tools helpful with questions to start again. Thinking is improving through writing.

Business expert

I found out that my family members were interested to do 'homework sessions' with me. It was joyful!

Father, husband and sales professional

We have found videos and audios really inspiring for our group discussions.


Tools are good for everyday tryouts. They help in awakening. And they are challenging enough!


Looking forward to use these coaching materials widely next year – we are happy to use them for our weekly team meetings.

Technology Manager

I was really inspired by the tools, intuitive work, homework, groupwork, everything really.

Entrepreneur Coach

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