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GLOWUP – from being to doing.

Philosophical and dialogical, holistic development process for individuals and groups.

GLOWUP is a process where individuals find how to see and do things, go forward and take responsibility – most of all, how to be a human being in a new way in life and work.

The results of the GLOWUP process will be felt inside and seen outside as more meaningful doing, by bold actions, and by opening new connections as well as better communication. This method serves people with individual development goals but also for developing teams, companies, communities and organizations.

These changes are important for the life of an individual but also for business development and organizational growth. The GLOWUP process strengthens the ability to take responsibility, deepen one’s self-knowledge and makes personal resources better available.

The GLOWUP Process has four themes and phases. At every step you will find and try something new – in thinking and in action. The process is based on your personal life or work situation but you will be guided carefully through the phases: with your GLOWUP Guide (Coach) and GLOWUP Material (handbook of try-out tools).

GLOWUP combines hermeneutical philosophy, positive psychology, communication and leadership theory and practice. You are always free to choose which perspective or tool to use.

GLOWUP is for anyone who seeks new perspectives on well-being and well-doing. When people glowup, organization will follow.


AWAKENING – Stop, Wake up, Surrender. This is the first step to pause for a moment. And you will throw yourself to the GLOWUP Journey. You can ask yourself: What is here now?

FINDING – Perceive, Listen, Ask. In the next step you move forward. You listen to yourself and others in a deeper level and curious way. You can ask: What makes me do what I do?

BUILDING – Try, Test, Build. In the third phase you will make bold try-outs in your everyday life. Ask: What can be the boldest thing I can do today?

SHARING – Do, Commit, Share. Now it is time to share what you have found. You also know what you are willing to commit to. Ask yourself: Who do I need to tell my story in a new way?

Two first phases are connected to being and last two to doing. All four perspectives will get you closer to the core of the circle: your highest self. Now you are able and willing to make the changes you need and take the steps you want. The GLOWUP Process includes more than 50 different tools for thinking and try-outs to choose from. You can use them all if you like!

GLOWUP Circle is hermeneutical circle. The golden line connects the phases and the exploration becomes your own and owned story with deeper understanding and experience of your being and doing – and who you are as a person.

GLOWUP Processes

  • GLOWUP Base: 4-8 month process with four personal coaching sessions, four group facilitation sessions, all materials and homework included.
  • GLOWUP Light: 1-2 month Awakening Phase with two personal coaching sessions, one group facilitation session, all materials and homework included.
  • GLOWUP Journey: Tailored organizational group or team process.
  • GLOWUP Camp: Tailored 1-2 day workshop for groups.
  • GLOWUP Next: Deepening the philosophical view with a group or individual guidance.
  • Pricing: Ranging from 490 euros (Light) to 1290 euros (Base).
  • VAT added to all prices.
  • GLOWUP is registered and owned by Thewind Oy and only audited coaches by Thewind Oy can organize GLOWUP Processes.
  • GLOWUP Method Book is available in Finnish Language, order your copy: info@thewind.fi

What do our clients say about GLOWUP?

We have delivered GLOWUP Processes from 2016, when this method was developed and designed in co-operation with CPCC/PCC Coach Tuuli Kirsikka Pirttiaho and Psychologist Elina Lillstrang and with few professional partners from psychology, philosophy, business development, leadership and communication. GLOWUP’s background theory comes from hermeneutical and existential philosophy. Participant feedback and needs have helped us to develop the GLOWUP theory and practice even further and it is flexible for many other solutions.

New networking was brave from me. I was also able to do something else completely new.

Quality professional

I started with a new company and even a product development project right away.

Business Developer

Tools are good for everyday tryouts. They help in awakening. And they are challenging enough!


I really changed my own way to communicate and it simply made big difference.

Education manager

I realized that I need to act myself and not wait. It was a big change in my wellbeing.

Specialist in accounting

I got new courage to make big decisions. And more quickly.

Industrial expert

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