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You are not alone.

Why executive coaching
can make a difference?

A long-distance journey needs long-term preparation.

Maybe it was your choice in the beginning to become the one who will carry the responsibilities, take care of demanding situations, inspire the tired team, hear the bad news first – and hear them from all the possible directions. And suddenly this choice became quite heavy.

Or maybe you are overwhelmed and surprised, that you are the one who has been chosen to make the decisions, turn the ship and make everybody motivated to fly along. And it suddenly it feels quite vague.

Perhaps you are as happy and operative as you can be, full of energy and power to execute whatever comes, but your challenges seem to be too small or distanced from your core goals. And suddenly it feels you are in a wrong place at the right time.

You are starting in a new position and there is lot to take in. At the same time you need to focus and act, relax and just trust, hear and listen, walk your talk.

With a coach, executives may be able to explore, grow and find better balance and see the big picture in an inspirational way. Finding the personal executive way is essential: where you are, who you are being, what you will do and how you will do it. Coaching is empowering, liberating, creative – and you are not alone.

You are free to build your Connected Leadership, Flowing Communication and Glowing Life Story in coaching.

Coaching packages

  • 12 months Personal Coaching: Deepen Self-Knowledge, Strategic Leadership, Communication & Management
  • 6 months Personal Awakening: Find your potential and brighten your personal brand
  • 6 months Leadership by Coaching: Easier and flowing leadership with Coaching approach
  • Team Coaching: All coaching content and services are available for management and professional teams
  • Certification Coaching for Co-Active Model and for ICF standards (CPCC, PCC, ACC)
  • Other Packages: Entrepreneur Coaching, CLUES Coaching For Well-Being, PQ Positive Intelligence Program, GLOWUP Development Program
  • Read more on these pages above
  • Pricing examples: 6 months 1900 euros (+vat), 12 months 3900 euros (+vat), Team processes starting from 1090 euros (+vat) per person
  • All packages include an initial CLUES stress analysis, one-on-one coaching sessions, materials, support videos, webinars and other tools

Accelerate your positive leadership powers instead of negative stress curve through coaching.

Some of our client cases and testimonials

Our executive clients come from different work-life and business branches. We coach industrial managers and specialists, SME leaders and CEOs, women in leadership positions, executive people from the field of law, managers from creative industry and culture, business owners, young talented professionals, experienced senior level specialists and many other professionals. We invite you to explore what coaching can do for you and for your organization.

I found that after the program I was not so stressed in the end of the year - it seemed so much easier to cope with urgent matters.


Especially the communication coaching has helped me to improve my management skills.

Senior Manager

The holistic approach of my coaching is helping me to cope with demanding situation better.

Line Director

Coaching is a lean, cost- and time-effective way to deal with important topics for the whole team.

Team Manager

I am able to spread my wellbeing results for others too – I can notice the change around me too.

Team Leader

Looking forward to use these coaching materials widely next year – we are happy to use them for our weekly team meetings.

Technology Manager

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