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When business is not usual.

Businesses can benefit
from a coaching perspective.

Business coaching is another kind of way to support business development than ‘pure’ consulting and advisory on specific topics.

We are well experienced in this field to be able to work knowing what we are doing and where we are going with a client in a business coaching process. This kind of coaching process often needs some pre-work and co-designing with you and perhaps with the company’s management team. We can offer committed Business Coaching Services with a partnership model and an in-house coach service to a structured project.

First we would like to ask if coaching your business is concerning strategic questions, your leadership and management situation, sales and marketing, market and customers, communication and well-being, personnel and HR, compliance – or what would you think is the most important to begin with?

We can organize a team of specialist coaches to work together with you in a structured project, around various Business Coaching topics. You can also start a coaching project in a lean way: just book your Personal Coaching Process, where you can explore your topic in a creative, open and confidential way.

Business coaching can be at the same time experienced, conscious, effective and determined and transformative, creative, fun and deep!

Coaching packages

Coaching Packages

All coaching packages for Business Coaching are tailored to your company’s needs, size, participants and group size. We are happy to make a proposal. You can also order our project planning sheet for Business Coaching by using the contact form on the bottom of this page or by contact us via email: info@thewind.fi.

Some examples of our client cases

  • Business Plan Coaching
  • Start-Up Coaching
  • Organizing an International Team With Business Targets
  • Organizational and Network building
  • Sales Team Coaching
  • Brand Development and Rollout
  • Presenting and Pitching
  • Internal Communication

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