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Thewind Oy
Kauppakatu 14
40100 Jyväskylä

+358 40 565 6850

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This is us.

Lift people and business.

How do we see and live the coaching and development entrepreneurship?

We are a family business, with a broad background for coaching and development. We’ve worked with international and domestic companies, organizations and networks. Our personal professional background is in sales, executive and operative management, product and brand development, communication, digital and traditional marketing, service design, heath care services, start-up development and organizational development and management. We have served hundreds of businesses from various branches during many decades.

Our personal calling is to work always with a good and energetic, lean way, to support the objectives of our clients. The approaches we have in coaching or development are proven and tested with large scale needs, but we are also happy to work with fresh ideas and make small scale piloting too. We work with expert networks and with some great partners – this is why our small company has the possibility to offer coaching and development services over our own resources.

We run our family business together and have own niche areas in services, Tuuli Kirsikka’s for Coaching and Pekka’s for Development. Always working with service mindset in both.

Coaching meets development – and skiing!

Our base is in Jyväskylä Finland, Northern Scandinavia. Our beautiful city is known from its educational, technological and well-being knowledge, as well as ski-jumping, freestyle skiing and rally driving! Not to forget the thousands of lakes, forests, saunas and Alvar Aalto. We are also skiers, doing that whenever there is snow – and we spend quite a lot of time snow shoveling our backyard.

Tuuli Kirsikka and Pekka Pirttiaho

Feel free to contact us, when you are curious: tuulikirsikka@thewind.fi or pekka@thewind.fi

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